Alia Bhatt’s lookalike worried about her image: Celesty Bairagi who looks exactly like said – I am not Alia; I want to make my own identity

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  • Looks like the celebrity Bairagi said – I am not Alia; I want to make my own identity

Mumbai3 minutes ago

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It is generally considered good to have a lookalike of a big celebrity. But a Mumbai girl is upset with her face that looks like her own Alia. Now she has said that she is not Alia and wants to make her own identity. Although Alia’s lookalike also says that she likes Alia and wants to be an actress like her.

‘I want to create a different image from Alia’

Mumbai-based Celesty Bairage looks a lot like Alia. One can get confused seeing them. Celesty shared her story with the photo blog ‘Humans of Bombay’. He says that he definitely likes Alia. But she wants to make her identity other than Alia’s name.

People said – this is absolutely Aaliya

People are surprised to see the photo of Celesty Bairage on the Instagram post of ‘Humans of Bombay’. One user has written, ‘This is exactly Alia.’ Another user described Celesty Bairage’s smile as exactly like Alia’s.

Celesty Bairage wants to become an actress

Celesty Bairage dreams of becoming an actress who is always smiling like Alia. Celesty is currently struggling to make a place in the TV industry. Further his dream is to work in Bollywood.

There are 7 people in the world with the same face, these actors also have lookalike

According to experts, there are 7 lookalike in the world of any human being. Apart from Alia, many other Bollywood actors-actresses like Shahrukh, Salaman, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor also have look-alike. In the film industry, work like stunts is easily available to the lookalike of stars.

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