Apple Watch: These buttons could be the key difference between the two premium Apple Watch models for 2022 – Times of India

We are just days away from Apple’s Far Out event where the company is expected to introduce new iphone and new apple watch models among other products. a new addition to Apple The watch lineup is expected to be a strong ‘pro’ Apple Watch for fitness enthusiasts. Several rumors have surfaced to give details about the alleged apple watch pro, Now, a new rumor suggests that Apple may be adding more buttons to the Apple Watch Pro.
what will the buttons do
As MacRumours reports, a Twitter user, Sonny Dixon, shared an image of a third-party cover for the rumored Apple Watch Pro. The case image shows that the ‘Pro’ model of the Apple Watch may have additional buttons on the left edge, maybe two. Meanwhile, another tipster, DuanRuni, shared images of third-party cases for the Apple Watch Pro, and even these cases show space on the left side to house additional buttons.
We’re not sure what purpose these buttons will serve, but if there’s any speculation they can be used to activate various fitness tracking modes. However, no one talks about what these buttons do so it is recommended to take it with a pinch of salt.
of bloomberg Mark Gurman says that the Apple Watch Pro will be aimed at fitness enthusiasts and the watch may feature a sturdy design made out of titanium. Rumors suggest that the ‘Pro’ Apple Watch may feature a flat screen instead of the curved one found on the Apple Watch. In addition, the Apple Watch Pro will have some fitness-focused features and better tracking for sports activities. The Apple Watch Pro is rumored to be priced between $90 (approximately Rs 71,830) to $1,000 (approximately Rs 79,810).