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Autorickshaws can operate within 16 km radius in Noida

Noida: Traffic police Will launch a campaign to ensure only auto-rickshaw plying permitted area Of the city Police said any auto found violating permit norms would be confiscated.
in present, auto It is allowed to ply within a radius of 16 km in Noida. There are four points – City Centre, Kasna, Dadri and Jewar – from where the distance that can be traveled by a three wheeler is calculated. Hence, autos are not allowed in Noida to ply in Greater Noida or vice versa.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Ganesh Prasad Saha said permits were issued to make autos available to local residents at all times. “If there is no restriction on the area where they can walk, then all autos can go to urban areas,” he said. Saha said the traffic police had conducted a similar campaign in March last year but could not complete the drive due to the pandemic. “We want to register all 16,000 auto-rickshaws in this drive. We will provide the auto with a unique serial number which will be printed on the rear of the vehicle. In this way they can be easily identified. It will also ensure discipline and safety of passengers,” he said.
Noida Auto Union has been demanding a single permit for the entire district for a long time. Lal Babu, president of the Noida Auto Rickshaw Drivers Association, said, “When autos are allowed to ply across the city in Delhi, why is there a ban in Noida? We want the authorities to take it away.”
Last month, the Noida Traffic Police and the Transport Department had directed auto drivers to install meters. According to Babu, around 500 autos now have meters. “We had submitted a memorandum to the transport department for revision of auto fares at par with Delhi. Once the fares are revised, we will install meters in all the autos.

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