Aviation Trivia: Here’s How Vistara’s ‘Retro Livery’ Was Made Using Old Photos?

Back on September 5, 2018, Vistara Airline, a joint venture between the Tata Group and Singapore International Airlines, launched a new ‘retro livery’ for a handful of domestic aircraft mostly operating between Delhi and Mumbai. The iconic livery was based on the past of Tata Airlines and paid tribute to the brand that pioneered commercial aviation in India. As part of the government’s move to take control of India’s aviation sector, Tata Airlines was nationalized as ‘Indian Airlines’ and later renamed Air India. Now Sanjeev Kapoor, an aviation veteran who was the former CEO of Vistara Airlines and is currently the CEO of Jet Airways, revealed how Vistara made ‘retro livery’ a reality.

Sanjeev Kapoor mentioned in a tweet that “This is definitely an iconic outfit, a tribute to an iconic legend, Mr. JRD Tata. This particular outfit was created by us based on old black and white photographs. We need to redo it Had to imagine. The color. For the torso, we wanted an NWA silver-gold hue, and brought something closer.” The dress received good reviews from travelers and travellers.

He tells the story about the cabin crew uniforms that were part of Vistara’s retro livery plane. “Also of course was the great retro-uniform that came out 4 years ago today, inspired by the uniforms and trends of the 1960s, with Jackie O being the primary inspiration. Used it on some special retro flights for a year. Was gone, and was definitely an eye-catcher!” He added.

According to Kapoor, the Vistara retro uniform was designed by the same team that wore the SpiceJet weekend uniform in 2014.

Speaking about the soon-to-be-launched Jet Airways, Sanjeev Kapoor said that the aim is to start airlines and after that, the sky is the limit. “For those wondering what we’re planning for the jet: First we get back in the air again, with all hands on deck focused on that. After that the sky’s the limit!” He has written.