Because of this, ‘May Day’ for Delhi-Kolkata Indigo flight, passengers safe

A Delhi-Kolkata IndiGo flight made a pre-landing at Kolkata airport today after smoke was detected in the aircraft. Smoke in the cargo hold area of ​​IndiGo flight 6E-2513 was declared by the pilots of the flight as ‘May Day’. Kolkata Air Traffic Control (ATC) alerted the airport fire brigade for a safe landing.

According to IndiGo, all prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were followed by the pilots before landing. “The pilots followed their SOPs and prioritized landing at Kolkata. Necessary inspections were carried out after arrival. The alert was confirmed as fake. Necessary improvements are being made to the detection system,” IndiGo said in a statement. Huh.

“The pilots of the aircraft declared ‘May Day’ as the smoke warning in the cargo hold area was later revoked and landed safely at the airport and it was a fake alert,” a DGCA official told ANI. May Day is a distress call typically used to signal a life-threatening emergency on a ship or aircraft. IndiGo operating an Airbus (VT-IJA) from Delhi to Kolkata experienced a false cargo smoke warning before landing, all passengers are safe and there are no reports of any passenger being injured.

(with inputs from ANI)