Becoming Kejriwal is not the ambition of an individual, but the whole country wants to be the next PM: Sisodia India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal Becoming the next prime minister is not an individual’s ambition but the whole country wants it: Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Said on Sunday, days later CBI His residence was raided for alleged irregularities in the excise policy.
“Ek maukar kejriwal ko,” (One chance for Kejriwal) has become a national level thing,” Sisodia said in an interview to PTI.
“People see Kejriwal as an alternative to Modi in 2024 as he talks about health, education and employment,” Sisodia said. 22.
“The BJPThe CBI, the Lt Governor and the Chief Secretary of Delhi, all have the same motive to stop Kejriwal, otherwise 2024 (Lok Sabha elections) will be out of their (BJP) hands,” Sisodia said.
On Friday, the CBI raided 31 places, including Sisodia’s house, in connection with the investigation of the excise policy.
Sisodia said he was not against the probe, but demanded that the CBI should also investigate “excise revenue of Rs 10,000 crore stolen every year in Gujarat”.
“It is a dry state and people are dying due to consumption of spurious liquor. This should also be investigated,” he said.
He also said that there should be an inquiry as to why the Bundelkhand Expressway got cracked just five days after it was inaugurated by the Prime Minister. Narendra Modi,
“If the BJP-led Center is interested in probing the scam in excise policy, then it should investigate who was behind the conspiracy to change the stand of the former LG two days before its implementation,” Sisodia said.