Bizarre act of Pakistan Hockey Inquiry Committee raised eyebrows

Mocking the task assigned to the Pakistan hockey team after the Asia Cup defeat, an inquiry committee has prepared its report without questioning any official or player.

The three-member committee, headed by Olympian Kalimullah, waited for three days for the team officials and the captain to appear, but none of them came for various reasons.

According to a source, Khawaja Junaid, who was the team’s manager in the Asia Cup, resigned from his post a few days ago and forgave himself, while head coach Seyfried Ekman is yet to get a visa to return to Pakistan. After the tournament in Malaysia, Aikman went home for a short vacation.

Pakistan captain Umar Buta also pardoned himself due to some family issues.

This left the inquiry committee, which also includes Olympian Nasser Ali and hockey administrator Zaheer Shah, to prepare its report based on match videos, media reports and feedback from the head coach.

Pakistan finished fifth in the competition and failed to qualify for the following year’s World Cup, leading to the formation of the committee.

The source said that the committee, which submitted its report to the Pakistan Hockey Federation, has blamed manager Junaid and other team officials for the poor performance. As things have turned bad in Pakistan hockey since the Asia Cup, senior players have threatened to quit the game due to financial issues.