‘Block chief Rs 30 lakh, youth president Rs 10 lakh’: TMC leader’s ‘secret’ price list goes viral

30 lakh for the post of block president and 10 lakh for the post of youth president – ​​this is allegedly the price list for a post in TMC in Murshidabad. This claim has been made in a complaint lodged against an MLA from Murshidabad. The complaint went viral on social media after a conversation between the former block president and the MLA of the area, putting the ruling Trinamool Congress in an uncomfortable position.

Along with the purported tapes, a copy of a letter purportedly written by TMC MLA Jeevan Krishna Saha to former youth president Mahe Alam has also been shared widely on social media, creating a ruckus in the state. The letter purportedly corroborates the claims of being offered 10 lakhs in return for the post.

Incidentally, the same Baraya MLA Jeevan Krishna Saha was also heard talking to former Trinamool block president Golam Murshed to demand Rs 30 lakh from him to continue as the block president.

According to Golam Murshed, “The MLA demanded Rs 30 lakh to keep me as the block president. But I did not agree to take it.” Responding to the allegations, the MLA said, “The voice of the former block president can be heard in the viral audio clip. Only he can reply to the allegations. Let the investigation take place. I will investigate.” ready to face it.”

Defending the letter bearing his signature, the MLA said, “Someone took a signed letter pad from me and misused it. I am looking into the matter.”

Baraya MLA accused Mahe Alam of corruption and also accused of being involved in women trafficking. Angry over the claims, Mahe Alam replied and said, “I am humiliated and hurt by the allegations made by Jeevan Krishna Saha. I want the team to investigate and verify the truth.”

The protests came amid reports of a rift between different blocks over the appointment of TMC block presidents and is said to have had a huge impact on the panchayat elections.

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