British GP: Max Verstappen says he and Lewis Hamilton have moved on from last year’s crash

Max Verstappen has insisted that he and Lewis Hamilton have moved on from their incident during last year’s British Grand Prix.

Verstappen and Hamilton (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Verstappen and Hamilton last year’s British GP. was involved in a major incident in
  • Red Bull driver says he and Hamilton have moved on from crash
  • Verstappen says last year’s event will not affect his race on Sunday

Red Bull driver and current Formula One world champion Max Verstappen has insisted that he and Lewis Hamilton have moved on from the accident they were involved in during last year’s British Grand Prix.

Title rivals were involved in a major racing event a year ago as they came together at the Kopsey corner in the midst of an intense battle for first place. The accident sent Verstappen to the barrier and the Red Bull driver required a precautionary check-up at the hospital. The Mercedes driver was given a 10-second penalty but exceeded it to win the race.

Speaking to the media, Verstappen admitted that the incident was behind him and that the two drivers had moved on.

“I think that’s the beautiful thing about racing drivers. Of course, there are times when you’re upset, but you can quickly forget about it and just move on, and continue to race harder.”

“If you look at how we’re interacting this year, it’s behind us. Accidents happen, unfortunately, and some are a little more painful than others, but you move on from that,” Verstappen said .

The defending world champion also said last year’s event will have no effect on how he will race at the British GP on Sunday.

“It brings back memories but it doesn’t really affect what I’m doing right now. I’ve hit a wall in other places as well. It’s the same.”

“It wasn’t the best Sunday for me, but these things happen. You always look forward, because looking back isn’t going to change anything. I’ve had a lot of Sundays where, of course, I liked Hoga was a better result and it was the same last year as well.”

“What happened there is now behind me, and I just look ahead,” Verstappen said.