Cheney says Jan. 6 committee could make multiple criminal referrals, including Trump

“We will decide about it as a committee,” the Wyoming Republican told ABC News when asked about the possibility of referring Trump for prosecution and said “yes.” whether a Trump referral was possible.

“The Department of Justice does not need to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral, and there can be more than one criminal referral,” Cheney said.

Panel probing January 6, 2021, attacks The US Capitol is divided over the issue of criminal referrals, even as members widely agree Trump committed a crime when he advanced conspiracies about the 2020 election. Cheney said it was possible the committee would take a stance on whether Trump should be prosecuted.

“We may well consider that as a committee,” she said. “If you think about it from this point of view: What kind of man knows that a mob is armed and sends a mob to attack the Capitol and incite that mob when his own vice president is in danger?”

“It’s very cold, and I think of course we’ll continue to offer the American people what we’ve found,” she continued.

Cheney’s comments come days after a former White House aide’s explosive testimony Cassidy HutchinsonJoe recalled that Trump was furious when informed by his Secret Service details that he could not go to the Capitol with protesters on January 6.

Since then, Hutchinson’s sworn testimony has been questioned by some of Trump’s aides, not speaking under oath.

But two Secret Service sources Told CNN that the stories were broadcast About the incident — including details similar to the way Hutchinson described it to the January 6 committee. The Secret Service has said that agents involved in the described incident, some of whom were already interviewed by the panel, will be made available to testify again under oath.

Cheney said, “The committee is not going to judge and murder her character by unnamed sources and men claiming executive privilege.” “We look forward to additional testimony under oath on a range of issues.”

Cheney said the committee has evidence confirming Trump’s fury that he cannot go to the Capitol on January 6.

“The committee has significant evidence on a variety of issues, including the President’s intense anger,” she said. “You will continue to see additional details about the President’s activities and behavior on that day in the days and weeks to come.”

Cheney, who has experienced Significant blow from fellow Republicans Condemning Trump and his role in the investigation into the January 6 riots, insisted that the proceedings were not meant to disqualify Trump politically from running for president again.

Instead, she said that her intention was to ensure that the American people had an account of what happened that day, even as she acknowledged that there was not one “one thing” she had learned. Made him less concerned about Trump returning to the White House.

“A man as dangerous as Donald Trump can never be near the Oval Office ever again,” she said.

CNN is previously reported that Trump is keenly considering when, in fact, he should announce a 2024 presidency — a decision that has become even more pressing as he shuns control of his image following damaging revelations by a January 6 committee. tries to retrieve.

Cheney, facing an uphill climb in her bid for re-election in Wyoming, said the Republican Party would not survive if Trump was elected as the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2024.

While she declined to rule out her own presidential bid, she said her focus was currently elsewhere.

“I haven’t made a decision about that yet, and I’m obviously very focused on my re-election, I’m very focused on the January 6 committee, the work I’m doing right now I’m focusing on my obligations to do that,” she said. “And I’ll make a decision about ’24 Down the Road’.”