Chris Cuomo returns to social media with on-scene photos from Ukraine

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Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo After being fired from CNN in December, he reappeared on social media with a post from Ukraine.

Cuomo shared several photos and photos of war-torn buildings in ukraine With a caption referring to the recent bombings at a mall in Kremenchuk.

“In Ukraine. We can’t forget. The Russians are clearly targeting civilians. Major deadly bombing at a shopping mall in a random region of central Ukraine. Probably hundreds inside. Dead and injured unknown yet. Kyiv hit on Sunday.” It’s in. Many people would have died if this town hadn’t been evacuated somewhat. Kindergarten hit. Lucky there’s no school on Sundays. It’s also pictured that the same building was hit a few months ago Journalists were among the dead. How bad is this happening here in the times to come,” he said. wrote on instagram,

Cuomo’s post first included a selfie of himself, and then a video and photos inside a bombed building. He panned the camera around the room, showing damage. Cuomo also shared several exterior views of the bombed buildings, as well as a destroyed car left on the streets.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo with Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) during a televised townhall dedicated to LGBTQ issues in Los Angeles, California, October 10, 2019.
(Reuters/Mike Blake)

Cuomo’s return to Instagram comes after an eight-month hiatus, with his last post in November. Cuomo was fired from CNN Soon after he was found working with his brother, ex-democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in December in connection with a string of sexual allegations against him. Cuomo relied on media sources reporting on his brother’s allegations.

He was suspended in early December after a “reputable law firm” conducted an internal investigation into him, CNN said in a statement on December 4. Cuomo was fired that weekend with a termination “effective immediately”.

CNN terminates Chris Cuomo ‘effective immediately’

Cuomo is currently on CNN. suing for $125 million, citing “unlawful termination” grounds. Cuomo is arguing WarnerMedia’s claim that it violated the network’s news standards and practices is “false.”

“Cuomo’s Prime Time” Proves the Network’s Highest-Rated primetime hour show till its end. According to Forbes, CNN’s ratings dropped after Cuomo removed the 9 p.m. spot, which had the network’s lowest-rated 9 p.m. week in 2021. According to Nielsen ratings figures, viewership dropped from 745,000 viewers due to Cuomo’s closure due to the suspension of 616,000 viewers in the week his show was pulled.

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CNN's most watched show was "Cuomo Prime Time," Which ranked 25th overall, behind 14 different Fox News shows and 10 shows on MSNBC.  (Photo by Ivan Agostini / InVision / AP)

CNN’s most-watched show was “Cuomo Prime Time”, ranking 25th overall, behind 14 different Fox News shows and 10 shows on MSNBC. (Photo by Ivan Agostini / InVision / AP)
((Photo by Ivan Agostini/InVision/AP))

It is unclear whether Cuomo is currently working on another project. Their social media bios currently say, “Free Agent.”

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Fox News reached out to CNN and Chris Cuomo for comment, but did not immediately hear back.