Cooperative model best suited for India’s growth story, says Amit Shah India News – Times of India

New Delhi: Federation Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah said on Monday that the world has adopted two extreme models of development, communism and capitalism, but the cooperative model of development is best suited for India where this sector can play an important role in making the country self-reliant. . Ensuring economic prosperity of 70 crore poor who aspire to lead a better life.
Describing the cooperative model as a middle ground, Shah said while addressing a conference here on the occasion of the 100th International Day. co-operative societies He said that the prevailing economic model has led to unbalanced growth and hence cooperative model has to be popularized to make development inclusive.
Globally, he said, more than 12% of the world’s population is linked to cooperatives through over three million cooperatives and the combined cooperative economy is the fifth largest economic entity in the world.
Underlining that cooperatives contribute greatly to the GDP of many countries, the Minister said that cooperatives have been the soul of Indian culture and claimed that India has given the world the idea of ​​cooperatives. He said, “There are 8.55 lakh of the world’s 30 lakh cooperative societies in India and about 130 million people are directly connected with them. 91 per cent villages in India are such that some kind of cooperatives are functioning.”
Addressing a huge public meeting at Vigyan Bhawan, he attacked the Congress party for merely giving slogans of ‘Garibi Hatao’ and not doing enough to end poverty, and said that 70 crore people dream of development in the last. were not in position. 70 years because the intention of the previous government was not (to remove poverty).
He said that without raising the standard of living of these people, without worrying about their livelihood, without worrying about their health, they cannot be linked with the economic development of the country. but after Narendra Modi Became Prime Minister in 2014, his life has undergone a radical change. He said that today these people are getting basic facilities like housing, electricity, food, health and cooking gas and aspire to live a better life.
Shah, the country’s first cooperative minister, has also enlisted all his ministries since their formation last year to strengthen the sector, and said the government has set up a national cooperative university to provide skilled manpower and training to cooperatives. decided to install. Now 25 are being prepared to engage in additional activities, which include operating petrol pumps and providing other services, which will increase employment opportunities.
Speaking about the new assignments being given to three big and successful cooperatives – Amul, IFFCO and KRIBHCO – which are among the 300 largest cooperatives in the world, Shah said amuli The government has been given the task of testing and certifying the reliability of organic products while the government is working to link IFFCO and KRIBHCO with seed reforms.
He said that the government has also decided that two big cooperative export houses will be registered which will take care of the quality of the products produced by the cooperatives, bring their production channel at par with the global market and become the medium of export of these products.
Referring to the recent decision of the government to computerize 63,000 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS), he said that since PACS is a state subject, the Center has sent model sub-divisions to the states for their suggestions regarding these credit societies. Rules have been sent so that the packs can be made multi-purpose and multi-functional. “The model bye-laws will also be sent to the cooperatives for their suggestions,” the minister said.
Calling upon the cooperative workers to imbibe the “principles of cooperative” in order to make the sector contribute to the country’s economy, he said that only the principles of cooperative can give long life to the cooperative movement, and added that the principles of cooperative To give up is the root. Cause some packs to be inactive.
former union minister Suresh Prabhuwho has been associated with cooperatives for a long time, also addressed the conference organized by the Ministry of Cooperation and the National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) and said that cooperatives with a mission for 2030 should focus on climate change, job creation should do. Local level, and agro-biodiversity for which there should be policy support from the government.