Corona Update: 12,807 new cases were found in last 24 hours, total active cases above 1 lakh for 6 consecutive days

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  • 12,807 new cases were reported in last 24 hours, total active cases above 1 lakh for 6 consecutive days

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More than 10 thousand new cases of corona are coming daily in the country for the last 14 days. On Monday also 12,807 new cases were registered. With this, the number of active cases has increased to 112,761. For the last 6 days, the number of active cases is above one lakh. It is not decreasing. However, there was a decrease of 23% in new cases of corona on Monday as compared to Sunday.

On Monday, 12,406 patients defeated Corona, while 19 people died of infection. With this, the number of people who lost their lives due to corona in the country has gone up to 5 lakh 25 thousand 242.

Top 5 states with highest number of cases
The maximum number of cases of corona are being reported in six states of the country. These include Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal and Delhi. The maximum number of cases are coming from Kerala and Maharashtra. However, on Monday, Maharashtra saw a decrease of 36% in new cases. In Kerala and Tamil Nadu, daily cases are coming above two thousand.

Most cases from Kerala
Kerala still remains at the top in the number of new infected. More than three thousand cases are being received here daily. Earlier on May 28, 2,999 new infected were found. Talking about the last 24 hours, 3,322 positive cases were found here, 3,258 patients were cured, while 2 infected lost their lives. There has been a decline of 2% in new cases in Kerala as compared to the previous day.

Cases increasing continuously in Tamil Nadu
In the last 24 hours, there has also been a decrease of 8% in new cases in Tamil Nadu. On Monday, 2,654 new cases came here, 1,542 patients were cured. The good thing is that no patient died here. Even after the reduction in new cases, the positivity rate here remains above 8%.

New cases decreased by 36 percent in 24 hours in Maharashtra
In the case of epidemic, Maharashtra still remains a hot-spot of Corona. Even though there has been a decrease in new cases for the last four days, but the positivity rate in the state still remains above 7%. On Monday, 1,515 new cases came here, 2062 patients were cured. While 3 patients died. On Monday, more people were cured than new cases.

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