Cross wind halted the landing of 11 planes, 9 diverted: The plane could not land at Kolkata airport for two hours, the breath of the passengers stuck

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  • The plane could not land at Kolkata airport for one and a half hours, the trapped passengers breathed

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The plane could not land at Kolkata airport due to crosswind for almost 2 hours. Due to this, the breath of hundreds of passengers was stuck. Normally the crosswind is seen for 10 minutes to half an hour but this time its duration was much longer.

Due to the crosswind at Kolkata airport on Friday, the planes that landed from 5 pm to 6.30 pm kept circling in the air. This sight lasted from 8 o’clock in the night for half an hour. The 11 captains of flights tried to land the planes on the runway but then decided to wait due to the strong wind as there was a danger of the plane being detached from the runway.

what is crosswind
Strong winds that move perpendicular to the direction the aircraft is flying are called crosswinds. These winds can cause the aircraft to deviate from the runway at the time of landing, causing a major accident. That day 11 planes tried to land on the runway 16 times. In view of such weather, about two dozen aircraft kept hovering in the air. While 9 were diverted to another airport.

landing was dangerous
According to media reports, the pilots said that the Meteorological Department had issued an alert of strong winds but no one knew that such a crosswind would be faced. Winds coming from the left had the power to deviate the planes by 20 degrees from the runway angle. So the landing was very dangerous. For this reason, in view of the fuel, it was decided to stay in the air.

The effect of summer was seen in the rain this time
Note that crosswinds are not uncommon. It is usually seen from March to May, but its effect lasts only for 10 minutes to half an hour. This time the crosswind was caused by an area of ​​low pressure. Its effect was seen for 90 minutes. Its warning is also issued in advance. This time no one had anticipated that the crosswinds would cause the planes to hover for 90 minutes. According to a captain, on Friday, the wind was blowing at a speed of 93 kmph at an altitude of 1600 feet and 83 kmph at a height of 900 feet. In such a situation it was very difficult to land the plane.

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