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Police said about two-thirds of the traffic volume in C Hexagon now prefers the Pragati Maidan tunnel for travel.

New Delhi: Delhi traffic Police removed all stops on Monday to ensure Purana Qila Roadwhich provides access to Pragati Maidan Tunnel, remained free from parking. TOI had earlier expressed concern about road side parking When the Patiala House courts resume functioning after the holidays on July 4, there will be a rush. This would defeat the entire purpose of the Mega Transit Corridor.
Last week, when the courts were closed for regular hearings, this reporter found that cars were parked on both sides of the road, reducing the width of the road, slowing down traffic. The area around Patiala House Court has long been a congested place, marked by utter chaos.
At least 12 traffic police personnel were seen deployed from the court to the mouth of the tunnel at around 9 am on Monday. They were not asking people to park or stop their cars as it would disrupt traffic. A towing vehicle was parked at the spot to send home the message. One car was actually taken away.
The parking attendants were busy finding space to accommodate the vehicles of the litigants and lawyers. A parking attendant, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the cars were being parked either at designated places or in the streets near the court. “Usually till 10 am, there are cars around here, but today the policemen have not allowed it,” he said.
Police said about two-thirds of the traffic volume in C Hexagon currently prefers the Pragati Maidan tunnel to travel.
Traffic was slow on the road near Coast Guard Headquarters. Five traffic policemen and an ACP rank officer were seen controlling the oncoming traffic from KG Marg, Copernicus Marg and the tunnel. Police said the traffic slowed down due to busy times and besides the fact that some part of the road nearby was in poor condition.
The traffic volume increased as more and more people reached the courts after 10 am. Three traffic policemen were stationed near the court gate and were not allowing people to park. Traffic slowed down as people looked for some place to park their cars.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Alap Patel said they had anticipated that the traffic movement might increase after the courts resumed functioning and hence they have deployed their staff at strategic locations. He said the traffic inspector of the area had also held a meeting with the stakeholders last week and they had promised to cooperate.

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