Delhi Police devises mechanism to prevent suicide at Signature Bridge. Delhi News – Times of India

New Delhi: 154 meters high Signature Bridge The city may attract a large crowd of visitors, but its flip side includes a large number of suicides on the spot, including Delhi Police Now rising to the challenge and saving lives.
The city police, along with a team of private divers, have saved the lives of 30 people who tried to commit suicide by jumping into the river. Yamuna River to bridge in the last one and a half years.
The security personnel also advise the victims and convince them not to take extreme measures.
According to the police, most of the women try to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge due to marital disputes.
“Signature Bridge over Yamuna has become an iconic place that attracts tourists Delhi-NCR Due to its location and unique design. On the other hand, due to the height of the bridge and the Yamuna flowing under it, many people have committed suicide at the venue,” said a police officer.
“Many lives have been saved with the help of private divers and Timarpur police personnel, who have been deployed round the clock at Signature Bridge,” he said.
Similarly, another bridge near Yamuna, known as Old Wazirabad Bridge, is where people usually come to take a holy dip.Soorghat’, several suicide incidents have also been reported.
Tribhuvan Negi, SHO, Timarpur under whose jurisdiction the Signature Bridge falls, said that since the maintenance of the bridge is taken care of. Delhi Tourism DepartmentSeveral letters were written to him asking him to erect lattice walls on both sides to prevent any suicide jump. However, when nothing was done from the other end, a mekasim was prepared, he said.
The beat staff, dharna staff and private divers present on the banks of Yamuna were sensitized to work in coordination to prevent suicide by rescuing such people, the official said.
Head constable Manoj, Ravinder along with assistant sub-inspector Raj Kumar are among the employees who have been actively involved with the team of four private divers – Imran, Ganesh, Ajay Kumar and Veeru. The diving team was led by 55-year-old . are doing abdul sattariJagatpur resident.
The officer further elaborated that the police personnel present on the bridge keep an eye on the people coming on the bridge. If someone jumps into the river, an alert message is sent to other crews and the diving team. After rescuing the victim, she is counseled and her family members are called to take her away.
Sattar, who is actively working with the police in this direction, told PTI, “If any person jumps off the bridge, our team of divers rescues them and informs the police for further action. Many a times. The policemen also jump into the river. To save the lives of the people.”
Recalling one such incident, Head Constable Manoj said that a 27-year-old woman from Burari had come to the Signature Bridge to commit suicide and was saved and counselled.
When asked about the reason behind her act, she said that her husband was an alcoholic and they often fought amongst themselves. Later the police counseled him and sent him back home.