Delhi Police posted a strange picture to spread awareness against noise pollution

Delhi Police recently launched a campaign to reduce noise pollution in the national capital and is now spreading awareness through its social media handles. The new campaign aims to combat noise pollution in the national capital. Under the new campaign, vehicles using pressure horns and modified silencers with loud noises will be fined from the Delhi Police. Violators will be fined Rs 1,000 as changing the silencer is a violation of the Certificate of Registration (RC).

The announcement about the new campaign was first made through the Twitter handle of Delhi Police on Wednesday, which said, “From today #DelhiTrafficPolice will penalize those who use pressure horns & modified silencers in their vehicles. #DelhiMeinShorNahi.”

Now, to spread more awareness, Delhi Police posted a quirky picture on its social media handle saying, “Dekh yaar, tujhe phatte silencer ki sound agar itna liye hai, download Sooraj on earphones.” It roughly translates to tattered “If you like the sound of loud silencers, download it and listen to it on earphones.” The quirky post by Delhi Police left the netizens ticked and many of them found the post hilarious.

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In another post, the police department also informed that as part of the campaign, Delhi Police has registered a case against 119 violators using pressure horns and modified silencers. “In an effort to check vehicular noise pollution, today the Delhi Traffic Police has registered a case against 119 violators for using pressure horns and modified silencers,” the department’s post said.

At the time of the announcement, a Delhi Police official said, “Though action was already being taken, now the focus will increase. Challans will be issued for those creating noise pollution by violating norms and using pressure horns or modified silencers.” . ”

Another official said, “We will interview doctors and ask them about the ill-effects of noise pollution. We will broadcast interviews to educate people so that they should stop using modified silencers and pressure horns.”