Dhanashree breaks silence on rumors of separation from Chahal, says- ‘I was…’

After several rumors about Yuzvendra Chahal and his wife Dhanashree Verma’s marriage problems, the Indian leg-spinner’s wife called him ‘disgusting and hurtful’. Chahal and Dhanashree For the past few days, there were reports that the couple was separating from each other. However, Dhanashree took to her Instagram to reveal the truth and informed everyone that she had suffered an ACL injury during the shoot. She revealed her feelings about the rumors spread over the past 15 days and updated on her health.

“Needed sleep to recover. It’s funny, however, I opened my eyes today feeling so confident and strong. I was looking for something for the past 14 days. Due to my knee injury I suffered while dancing. Totally lost confidence (my last reel) and I came off tearing my ACL ligament,” she wrote on Instagram.

On Sunday (August 21), Dhanashree took to Instagram to thank those who supported her in difficult times including her husband. Yuzvendra Chahal.

“I’m resting at home and the only movement I have is from my bed to my couch (with physiotherapy and everyday rehab). But what I’ve gotten through this is the support of my loved ones, including my husband. , my family and my closest friends,” wrote Dhanashree.

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It was a lengthy message from Dhanashree, who was apparently dismayed and dismayed by the ‘random reports’ that said Chahal and Dhanashree are parting ways.

“I was trying so hard to wrap my head around this shocking news of not being able to adequately do the basic things in life. This is when I needed the most support, and that’s exactly what it was.” It’s time when people picked up some random news. For us! It was so disgusting, so sad, to hear all this. It was dry to say the least,” Dhanashree said.

The couple got married in the year 2020 and since then have been winning many hearts on social media with their adorable uploads which were mostly reels of Bollywood dialogues and dance. Chahal recently opened up through his Instagram account by uploading a story in which he asked people not to spread such rumours with a humble note.