Don’t rush, gear up every time: Delhi Police’s advice after Cyrus Mistry’s car accident Delhi News – Times of India

New Delhi: In view of the East Tata Sons Chairman Cyrus Mistrydeath in car accident, Delhi Police took to Twitter to urge citizens not to over-speed and always wear seatbelts. The police also shared a picture on how to ensure safety during a road accident, advising drivers and passengers to open and unpack airbags in case of emergency.
“Don’t go fast. Buckle your seatbelt. No matter where you’re sitting, front seats or back seats. Wear a seat belt. Gear up every time!” Delhi Police tweeted with the hashtag road safety And Delhi Police cares.

Mistry and a co-traveller were killed in a car accident on Sunday. According to preliminary investigation, he was not wearing a seat belt, and over-the-speed A police officer said that and an “error of judgment” by the driver caused the accident.
He said prima facie the luxury car was speeding when the accident took place on Sunday afternoon.
The Mercedes car covered a distance of 20 km in just nine minutes after crossing Charoti check post in Maharashtra’s Palghar district, 120 km from Mumbai, the official said on Sunday night.
An eyewitness had said that a woman was driving the car and tried to overtake another vehicle from the left, but lost control and hit a road divider.