Dr. Oz breaks down Fetterman’s leftist views on releasing prisoners amid high crime rate

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Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday exposed the harsh left-wing crime views of his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman.ingraham angle,

Doctor. OZ: John Fetterman has argued that we should release a third of it All Prisoners in Pennsylvania, He brags about all the killers he has forgiven. Yet Philadelphia has by far the highest homicide rate, and has been 60% higher since he has been in office.

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In addition, he wants to legalize all drugs and make these heroin injection sites. We have the largest open-air drug market in the nation, in Kensington in Philadelphia. And then he wants an open-border sanctuary city and he doesn’t understand that brings fentanyl into our communities. And Pennsylvania has been hit hard. Top five in the nation for fentanyl deaths. So recently when the police brotherhood order supported me, it was unanimous. they were so Anger at Fetterman,

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Watch the full interview below: