England vs India: Kevin Pietersen slams captain Ben Stokes for ‘careless’ innings in fifth Test

Kevin Pietersen has criticized Ben Stokes for playing a careless innings on the third day of the fifth Test against India.

There was a lack of control in Ben Stokes’ innings on the third day (Courtesy: Reuters)


  • Lack of control over Stokes’ innings on Day 3
  • Pietersen criticizes England captain for not putting a price on his wicket
  • Former England captain praises Bairstow for leading with fresh approach

Kevin Pietersen has reprimanded England captain Ben Stokes for his careless batting on the third day of the fifth Test against India.

Stokes, who had just started the day, played an innings that lacked control and almost gifted his three wickets before Shardul Thakur dismissed a brilliant catch from India’s stand-in captain Jasprit Bumrah. .

Speaking to Sky Sports, Pietersen criticized the England captain for his careless batting and not defending his wicket. He also suggested that the all-rounder had ‘three brain fades in 10 minutes’ and said that he is too good a player to play that way.

“I was watching Stokes running under the wicket and throwing the ball straight into the air. It was careless batting; it was not defending your wicket. Test match centuries are valuable things, they mean stress, tension There’s a lot of reason. , patience and discipline. He got three brain feds in 10 minutes. Devaluing his Test wicket can’t be a good thing. He’s a very good player to do that,” said Peterson.

The former England captain also said that there is no need for Stokes to try and prove a point by being over-aggressive and asked him to learn what Bairstow is doing in Test cricket at the moment.

“I would tell Ben that he doesn’t need to try to be over-aggressive and prove a point. The bowler needs to bowl his best to get Stokes out. At this point in time, I want Stokes to get right. Trying. Running on the bowlers. He doesn’t need to do that when England are struggling. I’ll tell him to stand still and do what Bairstow is doing. He’s very good at doing what he’s doing player,” said Peterson.

Pietersen also opened up about England’s new approach to Test cricket and praised Bairstow for playing with control.

“It’s a new approach and entertaining, for sure. Stokes is talking about the aggressive nature of it and the way he believes Test cricket should be played in this era. But Bairstow seems to be in control. playing along. He is calm, and calm, standing still, and playing the ball as he watches. He is not running under the wicket, he is being counted. There is no slogan, he Brilliant playing,” Peterson said.