England’s World Cup winning coach Trevor Bayliss looks at Eoin Morgan in Test captain Ben Stokes

England’s World Cup-winning head coach has spoken about the similarities between Eoin Morgan and current Test captain Ben Stokes.

Brendon McCullum is sitting with Jack Leach. (courtesy: Reuters)


  • Brendon McCullum talks about the idea of ​​playing positive cricket
  • Ben Stokes’ England have come off with aggressive intent
  • Trevor Bayliss reveals Baz McCullum spoke to him before leaving for England

England’s World Cup winning coach Trevor Bayliss has revealed that England’s Test team coach Brendon McCullum spoke to him before becoming the national team’s coach. Speaking to English news publication The Guardian, Bayliss spoke about the philosophy of cricket he tried to incorporate with Eoin Morgan.

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“Before I flew to England, McCullum called me and we discussed it,” says Bellis. “He played the game aggressively but to be honest, that is how it is in our part of the world; It is not playing test match like it is a T20 but the positive attitude is more. It’s the hardest thing to explain to people in the UK,” Bayliss said.

Talking about the new Test team under the captaincy of Ben Stokes, the coach revealed that he sees Eoin Morgan’s shades in Stokes.

“We would be down three or four and Morges would still be out there and embrace the game,” Bayliss says.

“Even if it doesn’t work all the time, it gave others the confidence to play this way and push the ceiling,” he said.

“It cannot happen overnight for the Test team, especially considering the variables of the format. But Stokes seems to be a bit more positive than some of the previous captains, which can speed it up a bit. Time will tell,” he talked about the all-rounder.

Ben Stokes’ England have had a positive start against New Zealand in the summer, but have faced stiff competition against Jasprit Bumrah’s England.

England’s bowling side was picked by the trio of Rishabh Pant, Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah at the end of the innings, who scored a record number of runs in a single over in Test cricket. Bumrah then returned to dismiss the top three batsmen in the rain-hit England on the second day of the Test match.