Evening news brief: Student called in car for girl in Jaipur and robbed, Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend will buy flat for her in Dubai

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  • Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend robbed a girl student in Jaipur by calling her in a car, will buy a flat for her in Dubai

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If you have missed any news in the rush of the day, then we have brought for you the Evening News Brief. In this, you will get all the important news of the country, abroad, business, sports and entertainment world, which you will be able to keep yourself updated by reading it in just 2 minutes.

1. One and a half lakh less children were born in Corona in MP; Couple scared in lockdown refrained from becoming parents

The birth rate of children also decreased in Madhya Pradesh during the Corona period. There has been a decrease in the number of children born before Corona. Between the two waves of Corona, about one and a half lakh children were born less. The reason was the panic of Corona, lack of facilities in hospitals and rising unemployment. This disclosure has been made in the report of National Health Mission of Madhya Pradesh done for the last four-five years. This trend was seen not only in cities but also in villages. Many of the couples who got married during Corona postponed family planning for the next two to three years. Women were also not ready to have children.

2. There were 3 boys – 2 girls sitting in the car; Threatened to transfer money, looted from Jaipur student

In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, a case of robbery has come to light by calling to give a girl for sex on the pretext of escort service. Three boys and two girls in the car carried out the crime. There were 3 boys and 2 girls sitting in a car. He threatened and transferred the money from the student. Forcibly robbed seven thousand rupees and took him down from the car and fled. A 21-year-old boy has filed a case.

3. Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend Adil will buy 10 flats for her in Dubai

Rakhi Sawant is dating businessman Adil Khan Durani. The two are often spotted together. Recently Rakhi told that Adil is planning to buy property in Dubai. Rakhi said, “First we bought an apartment, now Adil is planning to buy 10 apartments. Because there are very cheap flats in Dubai, that means taking three flats here is equal to 10 flats in Dubai. If someone wants to buy So you can contact me.”

4. Tribal woman burnt alive in MP; She screamed in agony, the accused kept making videos

A case of burning alive Sahariya tribal woman has come to light in Guna of Madhya Pradesh. The woman was in the field. The accused allegedly poured diesel and set it on fire. Due to this she got burns up to 80 percent. The woman kept pleading for rescue. The accused kept making videos of him. The woman was brought to the district hospital in critical condition, from here she was referred to Bhopal. He is not in a position to make a statement.

5. Dia Mirza said – Premarital sex is a personal choice, but we are not as progressive as we seem

Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has said that she considers premarital sex and pregnancy as a personal decision of the people. He also said that while many people consider it wrong, there are people who consider it as their right. In fact, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have shocked everyone by announcing their pregnancy after just 3 months of marriage. Since then the discussion started about prewedding sex and prewedding pregnancy. During an interview, Diya had kept her on this.

6. Amazing photo of a 10-year-old girl, was seen outside the Taj Mahal; Mayor cleaned up

Environment activist Lisipriya Kangujam, 10, raised her voice against the mess outside the Taj Mahal. On June 21, he shared a photo of a pile of plastic and garbage on the banks of the Yamuna river outside the Taj Mahal. After this photo went viral, the Agra Municipal Corporation imposed a fine of 1 lakh on the cleaning agency. At the same time, social workers including the Mayor of Agra, councilors got the dirt spread outside the Taj Mahal cleaned.

7. Audio Leak of Imran Khan’s Begum – ‘Make those speaking against us traitors’

An audio of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Begum Bushra Bibi has surfaced. In this, she is asking PTI’s media spokesperson Dr Arslan Khalid to make the opponents traitors. She expresses her anger at Khalid for not being active on social media. While Imran Khan’s prime minister, Bushra Bibi had told Khalid that, ‘PTI’s social media wing should be more active these days. Aleem Khan and many others make rhetoric about me, Imran Khan and my friend Farah Khan. Connect these people with treason.

8. Rape of a woman home guard in UP in front of a 3-year-old daughter, the constable held hostage for 2 days

In Uttar Pradesh’s Sant Kabir Nagar, a constable has committed the incident of raping a woman home guard in front of the girl. It is alleged that the constable also beat up the woman and her child when she protested. Along with this, threatening to kill him, kept him locked in the room for two days. The victim informed the matter by writing a letter to the SP by post. The police have started investigation after registering the case.

9. Kashmiri journalist stopped at Delhi airport, Sana Irshad Mattoo was on her way to Paris

Pulitzer Prize winning Kashmiri photojournalist Sana Irshad Mattoo was denied permission to travel abroad on Saturday. She was on her way to Paris to attend a book release and a photography exhibition, but was stopped by immigration officials at the Delhi airport. Officials said that they were prevented from going abroad because of the restrictions imposed on them by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

10. Assistant coach of women’s football team sacked, player accused foreign coach of wrongdoing

India’s assistant coach Alex Ambrose has been sacked for the preparations for the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Norway. Ambrose was accused a few days ago of misbehaving by a female player. After which the Football Federation of India gave instructions to give it back to India immediately. Also, orders for investigation were given. Dr. SY Qureshi, the main member of the Committee of Administrators constituted on behalf of the Supreme Court, has given information on social media regarding the dismissal of the coach. Qureshi said that Alex Ambrose, assistant coach of the U-17 women’s team, has been sacked for sexual harassment. Further action will be taken against them as per the rules.

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