Exclusive – Raju Srivastava’s nephew Kushal Srivastava: His health is improving and organs responding well to treatment, should be off ventilator soon – Times of India

Noted comedian Raju Srivastava, who suffered a heart attack on August 10 and was taken to AIIMS, New Delhi, has spent nearly 15 days in the hospital. The actor’s health is slowly getting better and he should be off the ventilator very soon, his nephew Kushal Srivastava confirmed to ETimes TV. However, he denied reports that the Great Indian Laughter Challenge comedian has regained consciousness.

Speaking to ETimes TV, Kushal shared, “Raju ji’s health is improving but reports of him regaining consciousness are false. He has opened his eyes a couple of times and even shook hands, but that’s for us. Not enough, we want him to make a full recovery. His health is slowly getting better and doctors are also saying that it will take time to recover. He is still on ventilator and doctors want him to be pulled out of it, but there are no immediate plans. They are waiting for their health to improve further. Progress is not enough for doctors to remove life support. Their organs are responding well to treatment Huh.”

Raju Srivastava had fallen on 10th August while running on the treadmill. He was admitted to AIIMS, Delhi. ETimes TV had reported that he had been unconscious for the past 15 days, except for a few moments where he shook hands.

Raju’s brother Deepu Srivastava had urged people not to spread rumors about his health through a video message and requested fans to pray on his brother. He said, “Raju is a fighter and will soon be back after winning the fight and will entertain everyone with his comedy.”

Even Raju’s wife Shikha Srivastava earlier spoke exclusively to ETimes TV and said that the comedian is stable and urged everyone to stop spreading rumors as it is very disturbing.

“Raju ji’s health is stable and doctors are doing their job very diligently and entire management is working day and night to ensure that Raju ji gets well soon. We have full faith in him and Raju ji is a fighter and He is going to win this fight. He will fight it and come back to entertain you all, that is my promise to all of you. We are getting best wishes, blessings and lots of people are praying and for his health Doing the puja and everyone’s vibration is very positive. I know the prayers are not going to go unanswered. I just want to urge everyone to continue praying for their health,” she said.