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Google has allowed Chrome OS user to use Android Games \ Games Through Google Play for a long time. However, these games were not optimized for keyboard and mouse support. The tech giant recently launched ChromeOS 105 which includes an early final version of the game control feature for a limited number of touchscreens. Android Games This new feature bridges the gap for touchscreen games only by translating keyboard presses into simulated touch commands. Google has also updated its official blog post to explain how the feature will work and listed the Android games that currently support keyboard controls.
What is the Game Control feature in ChromeOS?
The Game Control feature allows players to use their keyboard to interact with on-screen buttons and translate virtual joystick key commands into simulated touch entry. This feature improves the gaming experience, especially for ChromeOS devices that do not support touch screens. ChromeOS supports currently selected game controls — joystick, single-button, multi-button and swipe games
ChromeOS Game Controls: Availability
Google is testing the feature by introducing the most important elements to enable keyboard support on a limited number of pre-selected games. Currently, this feature allows users to – customize key assignments, show/hide key overlays and disable the game control feature on a specific game.

According to the blog, all of these options are available in the game control menu displayed within a supported app. The Game Control feature is available for devices running ChromeOS 105 or later. The device must have a keyboard and an input pointer device (eg – mouse or touchpad) connection, the blog confirms.
How will the feature work
The support blog mentions that whenever users open a game with the Game Control feature enabled, they will get an overlay that shows the keys. ChromeOS users can use this overlay to simulate various touches on the screen via the keyboard. The blog states that users can customize the key bindings via the game controls menu by hovering the white square on the right central part of the game’s window.
Importance of keyboard support in ChromeOS for touch-only Android apps
Google Play is built with touch controls in mind. However, “most ChromeOS users interact with apps using the mouse and keyboard,” noted the blog. This is why keyboard support for Android apps is “important” to ChromeOS, the blog states.
In addition, Android games require quick movements or button taps that cannot be done with a mouse. The feature claims to improve the gaming experience with “limited or missing keyboard support”.

ChromeOS game controls will also save developers from having to implement keyboard support separately in their apps. Furthermore, Google claims that it “provides the best and most consistent gameplay across the phone, Gun ShotDesktops and large-screen devices,” the company advises developers to support a wide range of input methods including – mouse, keyboard and gamepad.
In addition, the company blog states that the game controls are “a way to address early challenges with the gaming experience while users wait for developers to fully optimize their apps for ChromeOS.”