Fake News Expose: Muslim youth lynched to death for stealing bull in Bihar’s Samastipur? Know the truth of this viral video

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  • Muslim youth murdered for stealing bull in Bihar’s Samastipur? Know the truth of this viral video

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What’s going viral A video in the name of mob lynching is going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that 6 people are beating a young man with sticks after dropping him on the ground. Meanwhile, a woman defends the young man, but despite this, people do not stop beating the young man.

It is being claimed that this video is from Samastipur in Bihar. Where some people thrashed a Muslim man Mohammad Mustakim on the charge of stealing a bull. Sharing the video, users wrote – In Samastipur, Bihar, Mohammed Mustakim was killed by some people for stealing bulls.

If you understand this, then come forward and give proof of being Ummate Muhammadi to get justice. Run a campaign for justice for this late Mohammad Mustakim.

And what is the truth?

  • To know the truth of the viral video, we did a reverse search of its keyframes on Google. News related to us in the search result Amar Ujala And Etv India found on the website.
  • According to media reports, this video of late night of August 2 is from Hansi in Haryana. Where due to old enmity, a person named Vikas was murdered by 7 people.
  • Naina Devi, the wife of the deceased told that the children also tried to save the husband from the attackers but without success. Vikas was sleeping with his family in the room of his house. Around two o’clock in the night, six to seven attackers entered the house and entered the house and attacked Vikas.
  • Vikas ran out of the house to save his life. As he came out, an assailant dropped him from behind. Then killed him near the park on the middle road.
  • It is clear that the claim being made with the viral video on social media is completely false. This video is not from Samastipur in Bihar but from Hansi in Haryana.

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