Former investigator on Illinois parade shooting: Circumstances show it involved pre-planning

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A former FBI investigator said on Monday that the situation around shooting outside chicago The 4th of July parade shows that it involved pre-planning.

“Well, this at least starts to suggest that this person you knew involves pre-planning. Maybe it’s someone who had access to one of those buildings or knew the buildings and was convenient. Knew the point,” former FBI investigator Bill Daly told “America Reports.”

Fear of killing several people one after the other reported shooting At the 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday.

Witnesses say the crowd fled from the sound of gunfire, and others saw at least five bloodied people on the ground and another under blankets, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago police officer in critical condition after being shot by convicted criminal, officials say

Illinois police on Monday began a search operation for a suspect linked to a shooting at a Fourth of July parade.
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The Daily further reported that assuming that the information about how the shooter fired at the victims was accurate, the perpetrator campaigned in the area prior to the mass shooting.

“If this is what we are hearing, again, and we would like to exercise caution when doing this position, and therefore, it may not be entirely accurate information, but understanding that if there was a higher vantage point, So whether it’s a rooftop or outside a window, that would mean that person probably did some sort of propaganda,” Daly said.

“And knowing the area, knowing how to get there and also looking for one where they would be able to take on that kind of surprising element and cascade misfortune onto their victims.”

The number of victims remains unclear. Police have reportedly requested a dog unit to assist in locating the suspect. The suspect is absconding.

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker told WGN he believes there are at least nine shooting victims. According to unnamed law enforcement sources, the outlet reported that at least two were killed.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office, where Highland Park is located, confirmed that a was shot And appealed to the people to stay out of the area. However, the sheriff’s office did not confirm the number of victims.

Highland Park Police Department confirmed they are responding to an “active position” and will issue a statement to Fox News Digital soon. The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox.

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Daly said that location in chicago Whatever resources are available, including local, county and state police and the FBI, will be needed. In addition, Daly said that with all the information available so far, “there will be no necessary federal jurisdiction.”

“They have the resources, the availability of being able to help conduct forensics, perhaps if there is any concern of this person escaping across state lines or into other surrounding communities. They can assist through something. of their technology and their communication. So it becomes an absolute effort.”

Fox News’ Anders Hagstrom and Tyler O’Neill contributed to this report.