From Debina Banerjee’s difficult pregnancy to Namita Thapar going through emotional eating disorder; There have been times when celebs have opened up about their personal challenges. The Times of India

Madam Sir actress Gulki Joshi talks about feeling tired on the sets and not enjoying her work at all. Speaking exclusively to ETimes TV, Gulki shared, “There came a time when I stopped enjoying everything. I stopped enjoying my work, the people around me, I had completely gone into a shell. I stopped giving interviews. My human interactions went to the next void. I was trying between action and cut. I started feeling hidden under the table all the time. And I am not who I am. I am a people person. I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them. I had enthusiasm, enthusiasm and I had completely lost it. I was completely detached, thought I didn’t want to act like this. Means to work, to do mehndi, to have talent but not at the cost of ruining mental health. Gulki took a break to rejuvenate himself and resumed work after reducing his working hours.