Gadkari criticizes ‘concocted campaign’ against him by ‘concocting’ his statements for political gains

Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari It hit out at its opponents on Thursday for “concocting” their statements for a “nefarious and fabricated” campaign for political gains. The outspoken minister, who was dropped from the BJP parliamentary board last week, hinted at taking legal recourse in the larger interest of the government and the party.

“Today once again attempts are being made to continue the nefarious and fabricated campaign against me at my behest by the mainstream media, certain sections of social media and in particular, by distributing my statements in public events without context or correctness. Coined. Reference,” he tweeted. He tweeted a YouTube link of his speech at a book launch event on Tuesday, which was being used selectively on social media.

“While I have never been troubled by such a malicious agenda of marginalized elements, all concerned are cautioned that if such mischief continues, I will harm my government, the party and the larger interest of millions of people. I will not hesitate to take them into law. Our hardworking workers,” he tweeted tagging BJP President JP Nadda and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Gadkari, a storyteller, narrated an old incident at the book’s release In which he raised the issue of building a road for a village in Maharashtra and told the officer concerned that if he stands with them then it is fine, but still it is okay with him.

“… I am not bothered about the results but I will do this work. If possible stand by me otherwise I do not mind,” he said at the time of the book release, referring to his conversation with the official concerned. The statement was hacked on social media to say as if he doesn’t care about losing his position.

Especially Sanjay Singh of Aam Aadmi Party had tweeted that clipped video and asked why Gadkari was saying this. He tweeted on Thursday morning, “There is a big traitor going on in the BJP.” Gadkari’s tweet also came on a day a leading newspaper carried a report quoting several senior BJP sources that said the former party president was “out of turn” and for his tendency to make colorful remarks in Parliament. was removed from the board.

The minister said in a tweet on Thursday that he was sharing the link of what he actually said at the time of the book’s release to clear the air.

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