Google launches new initiative to improve online security in India – Times of India

online Security is a big issue and to deal with it, Google India has announced several new initiatives to keep users safe. Google said that more and more people in India are adopting the digital economy and ecosystem and it is imperative to create more awareness about online safety. Here are some of the new initiatives that Google will be rolling out soon:
New multilingual campaign against digital fraud
Google is collaborating with MEITY and Digital India to launch a pan-India, multilingual user awareness campaign. Google will also get support from HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Airtel, SBI and ICICI. The campaign will encourage people to take basic precautions to stay ahead of the most common fraud and phishing techniques and attacks. “Our campaign partners will spread awareness about these precautions using their own consumer channels like website, app, SMS and ATM,” said country head Sanjay Gupta, google india,
Tips to keep kids safe online
Google has launched Protecting Children. Google Website in three Indian languages: Bengali, Hindi and Tamil. Google said the launch of the site in Indian languages ​​will invite collaborations with even more Indian NGOs and organisations.
Efforts to keep senior citizens and other high-risk communities safe
Senior citizens are often targeted by fraudsters, and hence to help equip them with the knowledge and skills to stay safe in online interactions and transactions, Google has roped in HelpAge India to provide training on digital security to 50,000 elderly people. Also giving grants.
Google recognizes that women, LGBTQIA+, and seniors are often easy targets for many bad actors, who can take full advantage of the opportunity to join the workforce, start a business, or access basic online services without fear. Kind and equally prevents joining. Why fraud?
To provide these vulnerable communities with customized resources and responsive support on online safety, Google is providing grant-in-aid to local nonprofits to launch outreach programs for these users in their preferred languages. The funding will enable Collective Good Foundation (CGF) to reach more than 900,000 people with a specially designed curriculum and set of content and resources in English and four Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu and Marathi.
In addition, Google will also provide grant-in-aid to TechSakhi – a non-profit approach to growing India’s first multilingual, omni-channel digital safety helpline for women and LGBTQIA+ internet users. This grant will enable the organization to create regional language content, run new outreach channels and enable more effective user education. Teksakhi will provide helpline support in six states in four Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Tamil. Google will provide a grant of approximately $2 million to support these efforts for high-risk communities.