Government denies media reports on wheat imports; It is said that there is enough wheat in the country

New Delhi: Refuting media reports about imminent wheat imports by the Government of India, the Department of Food and Public Distribution has said that the country has sufficient wheat stock for its population and there are no such plans to import wheat.

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Taking to Twitter to refute the media reports, the Department of Food and Public Distribution replied to a media report, “There is no such plan to import wheat into India. The country has enough stock to meet our domestic needs and there is enough stock for public distribution.”

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Present Wheat and Rice Stocks of Food Corporation of India

According to the website of the Food Corporation of India, the stock of wheat in the central pool as on August 21, 2022 is 266.45 lakh tonnes. While the stock of rice as on August 21, 2022 is 279.52 lakh tonnes.

ban on export of wheat

The Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry had imposed a ban on export of wheat on May 13, 2022, amid persistent inflationary pressures and concerns over the prevailing heat waves. The government is yet to rescind the order and the ban on export of wheat is still in effect.

The government took steps to maintain food security in India from challenges posed by a number of circumstances, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and damage to wheat crops due to heat waves across northern India.