Government earning more from tax on common people than corporates: Rahul Gandhi | India News – Times of India

New Delhi: East Congress President Rahul Gandhi On Sunday, he accused the government of levying more tax on common people and reducing tax on his ‘friends’. Taking to Twitter, he also shows a graph alleging that the government is earning more than taxes on common people and less revenue from corporates due to less tax.
Sharing the graph in a tweet, Gandhi said, “Increase taxes on people, cut taxes for Mitron – the ‘natural course’ of action for the suit-boot-loot government.”
The graph shared by him compared “low tax on people vs high tax on people”, which shows that over the years corporate tax has been decreasing and tax on people has been increasing.
The graph also showed that the percentage of revenue collected by the government over the years is higher from the people than from the corporates.
The graph shows that in 2010 the revenue collected through tax on corporates was more than 40 per cent as against 24 per cent revenue from tax on people. The graph shows that in 2021, the revenue collected from tax on corporates has come down to around 24 per cent as against about 48 per cent collected from tax on people.
Congress leader JaiRam Ramesh Also shared a letter from the Chief Minister of Rajasthan opposing the increase in GST on essential commodities and replied finance Minister Nirmala SitharamanClaims that no state had opposed GST on food items GST Council meeting.
“Finance Minister claims that in GST Council meetings, states did not oppose levying of GST on food items. This is a letter written by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan on 05.08.2022, which refutes his claim,” said Ramesh Sharing the letter, he said.
Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot On August 5, opposing the decision to impose higher GST on food items, wrote a letter to the Finance Minister and urged him to reconsider his decision.