Highland Park interested man Robert Cremo caught after manhunt

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A man interested in an attack during a shooting at an Independence Day parade in which six people were killed and six people were injured and several others were injured. in Highland ParkA wealthy suburb of Chicago, has been captured after a search that lasted for hours.

Chris Coveli, deputy chief of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, said during an afternoon news briefing that he killed at least six people and wounded more than two dozen people sitting on the roof before fleeing. five of those killed Officials said those found at the scene and were adults. Another was taken to hospital where he died.

A child was also among the injured and he was seriously injured, officials said.

a barrage of bullets at the intersection of Central Avenue and 2nd Street in Highland Park at approximately 10:24 a.m. CT Monday, according to officials. The gunman remained there until 3 p.m., and police said he had not barricaded himself anywhere or took hostages to his knowledge.

Highland Park, Illinois, Fourth of July Parade Shooting

Coveli said the suspect used “a high-powered rifle” but declined to give a detailed description of the weapon. He said the attack began near the last leg of the parade route and targeted spectators on the shore.

He said the attack marked a “very random, very intentional and very sad day”.

Officials said the gunman probably reached the roof of a business via a ladder in an alleyway attached to the building.

State police and Chicago officials arrived at the scene to assist Highland Park Police in the investigation, and so did representatives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The FBI is also assisting, officials said, and was working on locating the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Weapons used in assault.

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