Huge turnout for Mahapanchayat convened by Tyagi community in Noida. Noida News – Times of India

The community wants action against officials and people for “torture” Srikant Tyagi and his family.

Noida: Thousands of people of Tyagi community reached for Mahapanchayat on Sunday at Ramlila Maidan of Maharishi Ashram in Noida. The community is demanding action against officials and people for “harassment” Shrikant Tyagi and his family.
Chaubali village head Nitin Tyagi said they wanted action against the policemen who “mentally tortured Anu Tyagi (Srikanth Tyagi’s wife)” and dropped charges under the Gangster Act against Tyagi.
“Our sister Anu Tyagi was mentally harassed and harassed by Noida Police personnel. Isn’t she a woman?, shouldn’t action be taken against those personnel? Police misbehaved with Anu. Hence, we will take action against her. Demand action. BJP sidelined our community and openly misbehaved with us,” Nitin said.
He further said that Srikanth was a budding politician and the party has only sidelined him. A case was registered against those who met Anu and they were arrested without any reason.
“We are ready to go to jail also but ya community will not stop till our demand is met. 2024 election will be BJP’s downfall and they will see it. Also against MP Mahesh Sharma for abusing our community Action should be taken. And the top cop in the same sections as Srikanth,” he said.
Action should be taken against those who call Shrikant Tyagi as ‘Galibaaz Tyagi’ or ‘Badtameez Tyagi’ and malign the image of the Tyagi caste and our children may have to bear the brunt of it in future. That’s why we demand action against such people also.
Meanwhile, visits to the site are estimated to be over 10,000 and more people from different states are joining in to support the mahapanchayat called by the Tyagi community.
Noida’s Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) and police personnel are on their toes to ensure that no miscreant takes advantage and tries to create unrest.
Around 1500 police officers have been deployed for a tight vigil across the city and especially around the Maharishi Ashram.

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