If opposition comes, Nitish Kumar can become a ‘strong candidate’ for PM: Tejashwi Yadav India News – Times of India

New Delhi: A state in Eastern India Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may emerge as a “strong candidate” for prime minister in 2024 if Oppose RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said on Sunday that the parties have agreed to consider him for the job.
Yadav told PTI in an interview that Kumar, who recently left the Bharatiya Janata Party and returned to the Rashtriya Janata Dal-led grand alliance in Bihar, swapped alliance partners.
Coming to power of the Grand Alliance, which now includes JD(U), RJD, Congress Yadav, who returned as deputy chief minister in Bihar’s new government, said, and many smaller parties in Bihar, “augurs well for opposition unity”.
“This indicates that most of the opposition parties recognize the great challenge facing the country – the hegemony of BJPWhere on the strength of money, media and (administrative) machinery power, they are determined to eliminate all diversity from the political spectrum along with Indian society,” the RJD leader told PTI.
Yadav said it is also a question of regional representation at the state level and issues of social justice and development.
“For all their talk of cooperative federalism, the BJP’s effort has been to consistently ignore regional disparities. Bihar needs special attention, no one can deny it. But have we got anything from the Centre? not enough.”
Yadav slammed the BJP’s attempt to spread the fear of “jungle raj” coming back with the return of the Grand Alliance government.
“Jungle Raj” refers to the state of alleged anarchy in Bihar when the RJD was in power in the state.
It is a “classic case” of a “tired discourse” and a “crying wolf”, he said.
“People understand and see these gimmicks to distract and mislead. Plus, this is the age of social media and mainstream media doesn’t have friends who control the discourse.”
The RJD leader underlined that regional parties and other progressive political groups have to look beyond their narrow gains and losses and save the republic, adding that “we no longer stop the destruction in its tracks” so rebuilding it is very important. will be difficult.
Asked whether Kumar is the best fit for the prime ministerial candidate for the 2024 elections and whether he could be the opposition candidate, Yadav said, “I leave that question to honorable Nitish ji. I will support the entire opposition.” Can’t claim to speak on behalf of him, although if it is to be believed, respected Nitish ji can definitely be a strong candidate.”
For the past 50 years, he has been a social and political activist, having participated in the JP and reservation movements, Yadav said, “He (Kumar) has vast parliamentary and administrative experience of more than 37 years and he has a great deal of experience in this. enjoys goodwill. on the ground as well as amongst our peers”.
Kumar’s decision to break ties with the BJP, his ally since 1996, except for the period between 2013 and 2017, fueled speculation about his prime ministerial bid.
When asked about the JD(U) leader’s several adverse remarks made by him about Kumar in alliance with the BJP, Yadav said if there were any similarities and differences between them from historical, national, contemporary and regional perspectives. If sees, find a meeting of one’s mind and motives.
“We have emerged from the same churning of socialist movements and share broadly similar values. Sometimes there are some issues but none that cannot be resolved,” he said.
“Our comments against the previous government were made in the capacity of a responsible opposition. All interventions by me and my party colleagues were to ensure that the government listens to the concerns and voices of the people,” he said.
Asked about BJP leader Sushil Modi’s allegations against the new Mahagathbandhan government and calling him the de facto chief minister, Yadav said everyone is free to speak their mind but it does not mean that “we should take such things seriously”. have to take”.
On his promise of 10 lakh jobs and the buzz around it, Yadav said, “We have started seriously by first deciding to fill the existing vacancies on priority basis. After that, we will have a program which will encourage jobs. The focus will be on creating various sectors where Bihar has an advantage.”
“While we go ahead with our work, I again appeal to the central government to pay special attention to Bihar – the state has waited too long. I remind the respected PM Modi of the promises made to the people of Bihar. I want to get both general elections and assembly elections,” he said.
Yadav said that Modi is also the Prime Minister of Bihar and he should fulfill his promises to the state.