IIM Trichy allows 40 youths to defer admission by 1 year. India News – Times of India

Mumbai: When Trishla Sundar got his admit card IIM-Trichy This year, it came with an option: an option to step down immediately or defer his admission and return the following year. It is not necessarily the discretion given to everyone by the premier management institutions.
This year, however, a total of 40 candidates have decided to postpone joining this institute. In 2022, the major two-year postgraduate program in Management IIM Trichy saw much more acceptance than seats, thus requiring the institute to offer candidates a one-time route to return in 2023.
While some will continue to work, others will try their luck again cat Next year, perhaps hoping to better his score for a highly ranked management institute while his seat remains booked at IIM-Trichy, he might want to take it. Many may not even take CAT and enter the campus next year.
The director of IIM-Trichy said, “It is a one-time decision now. It had to be taken as we had to match the admissions to the availability of infrastructure.” Pawan Kumar Singh told TOI. “The students who opt to join in 2023 are assured of seats at IIM-Trichy, depending on the fee policy applicable to that particular batch.” While the annual student intake is 360, the option to return around 40 students next year will have an impact on the 2023 admissions season.
Two top business schools in the country – IIM Ahmedabad And this Indian School of Business – Provide candidates with the option to defer their admission.