India is moving in right direction to strengthen education ecosystem, NEP is being appreciated globally: PM | India News – Times of India

New Delhi: India is moving in the right direction to strengthen its education ecosystem and its new education policy is being appreciated all over the world, teachers have played a big role in formulating it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday.
The prime minister also said that India is “special” overtaking Britain to become the world’s fifth-largest economy as the country has surpassed those who ruled for 250 years.
Interaction with National Teacher Prize To the recipients, Modi said that teachers have to not only educate the students but transform their lives.
“Our new National Education Policy is being appreciated all over the world. People are able to see how India is moving in the right direction to strengthen its education ecosystem.
“Our teachers have played a very important role in policy formulation. It is up to our teachers to prepare our youth, who will decide what India will look like in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ by 2047,” he said.
“We not only have to educate students but change their lives, and life cannot be changed by working in isolation or in isolation. A successful teacher is one for whom every student is equal and has no likes or dislikes. For teachers, an integrated approach is a must,” he said.
Modi said if a child sees something else in school and at home, he gets caught up in conflict and contradiction, and there is no injection to get them out of this illusion.
The Prime Minister said, “A teacher has the power of positivity and always inspires students to face challenges. This helps them to tackle every challenge. A true teacher inspires students to dream.” does what is impossible.”
Earlier in the day, the President Drupadi Murmu Presented National Teacher Awards to selected teachers to recognize their unique contribution to school education.
Ministry of Education (MoE) a function has been organized in Vigyan Bhawan Here on Teachers’ Day on 5th September every year to present awards to the best teachers of the country who are selected through a rigorous, transparent and online process of three stages.