‘Inquire all allegations; Don’t indulge in corruption’: Sisodia on Delhi excise policy case

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has hit out at the Center for the CBI raids at his house over alleged irregularities in the Delhi Excise Policy 2021-22 and claimed that nothing would be revealed in the CBI probe as he was not involved in it. Corruption.

In an exclusive interview with News18, Sisodia said that the BJP government was not interested in curbing corruption but wanted to stop Arvind Kejriwal’s work in the fields of health and education.

“They (BJP) are interested in only one thing – how to stop Arvind Kejriwal’s health and education work. He has tried many times to stop Arvind Kejriwal, but he is working towards making the country No. Modi ji, however, is worried about where to use CBI and ED, and how to topple governments,” Sisodia told News18.

After Kejriwal projected himself as the main challenger to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi With the launch of ‘Make’ for the 2024 elections India 1′ campaign at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium, Sisodia said that the people of the country are looking at the AAP convener, and want to give him a chance because “he knows how to work”.

The CBI had searched Sisodia’s house and registered a case against him in connection with alleged irregularities in the Delhi Excise Policy. In the FIR, Sisodia is named as accused number 1, while 14 others are also named.

The CBI on Sunday clarified that no circular has been issued “as of now” after reports emerged that lookout notices were issued against Sisodia.

Edited Interview:

> Look out notice has been issued against you and you have expressed displeasure over it.

A: No, I really feel like laughing. You raided my house for 14 hours and found nothing. Your raid has failed. Now you are issuing lookout notice. What lookout notice? I am here, at my residence. You tell me where I should meet you and I’ll meet you there. This investigation will not reveal anything as we have not committed any corruption. This is why we are so confident. That is why we have said that we will fully cooperate in the investigation. We also want this investigation to be completed soon so that they can be completely exposed.

> You are convinced but the FIR says that you went ahead and implemented the Delhi Excise Policy without the approval of any competent authority?

Answer: BJP is making all kinds of allegations. It is saying that we have done corruption worth Rs 8,000 crore, sometimes Rs 11,000 crore, Rs 144 crore and Rs 30 crore. When he filed the FIR, he said that one company has given Rs 1 crore to another company in white and that is Manish Sisodia’s corruption. After making so much noise, he has lodged this FIR. Please! Investigate all allegations. We know that we have not committed any corruption and how will you prove it. But we also know why you are doing this. We know you are not interested in any inquiry or product policy. If you were worried that you would have acted in Gujarat, where there has been a revenue loss of Rs 10,000 crore, where people have lost their lives in the tragedy of spurious liquor. If you were interested in corruption, CBI and ED would have raided the places where a road (Budelkhand Expressway) built at a cost of thousands of crores collapsed a few days after the Prime Minister’s inauguration.

They are only interested in one thing – how to stop Arvind Kejriwal’s work in the field of health and education. He has tried many times to stop Arvind Kejriwal, but he is working towards making the country No. 1, although Modi ji is busy in where to use CBI, ED and how to bring down governments.

> Your response to this crisis is political. The opposition is continuously targeting AAP as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is not answering any specific question. Why was Rs 144 crore waived? Why was Rs 30 crore handed back? Aren’t you talking about those issues?

A: Haven’t they filed an FIR? In this FIR, he has said, as per sources, a company has transferred
1 crore to Company B and that is the corruption in which Sisodia is involved. Please check it. What other specific answer can I give? I know the specifics – the road that the PM inaugurated, a road worth thousands of crores collapsed in a few days. Why was the CBI probe not started? Has the country not lost resources on that? Has the country not faced ridicule because of this? That the PM inaugurated a road and it collapsed within five days and the PM does not say anything, not a word, nor a tweet.

Today there is a notice against Sisodia and on the second day there was a raid against Sisodia. This is what the PM of the country is doing.

> Why don’t you tell our readers why you had to waive Rs 144 crore?

A: If it is wrong, why is it not mentioned in the FIR? Shouldn’t this be mentioned in the FIR? But go ahead and check it out too. It is my claim that there is no corruption in this policy, neither in its formulation nor in its implementation. This is the evidence of the FIR and the raid at my house. But why are you so eager to stop Kejriwal before the 2024 elections? Tell frankly that you are afraid of him. Today the people of the country are looking at Kejriwal and want to give him a chance because he knows how to work. He talks about inflation, unemployment, education and health. And so they want to give chance to Kejriwal.

> BJP alleges that if AAP’s excise policy was good then why did it withdraw it?

A: The BJP has to answer that question. Why did the BJP make the Lt Governor take a U-turn on a policy that he had approved two days ago? Why is there no CBI inquiry on this? Why doesn’t BJP answer this question? He is also not interested in the loss of revenue in Delhi’s excise policy.

> BJP leaders have said that your claim that Arvind Kejriwal is the Chief Minister of Delhi, AAP is the government in Punjab, but it failed to make significant gains in Goa and Uttarakhand?

A: It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister of the country is worried about where the CBI was sent, how to increase the raid period from 14 hours to 18 hours. How to send a lookout notice and register an FIR if nothing is found in 18 hours of raids.

But then there is Arvind Kejriwal who is constantly thinking about how to tackle unemployment and inflation, and is building schools and hospitals.

There is a competition between the two leaders of the country and people are talking about it. People are talking about making Arvind Kejriwal the number 1 country in terms of health, education and employment. Modi ji is not even talking about this. He is talking about making Manish Sisodia number 1 in the FIR.

> Are you ready for arrest? That you may even have to go to jail and the matter may drag on. How will this affect the government and you?

A: We have a commitment – we are ready to risk our lives but will not stop working on issues of health, education, unemployment and inflation. People’s work will continue in Delhi and Punjab. Work can stop only if you kill us, not till then.

Q: The BJP and opposition parties have alleged that whenever you are asked specific questions on liquor policy, you start talking about health and education?

A: Are you interested in preventing corruption? Or know about corruption in excise policy? If you want to know corruption in Excise Policy then answer this – Why U-turn was taken on the policy just two days before its implementation, causing such huge loss? Why was the investigation not started on that?

> Are you sure that there is nothing wrong with the excise policy? No corruption or any criminal intent?

A: My Lord, my people and I know that there is nothing wrong with the excise policy.

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