Jonathan Turley: Dems are praising Biden for bypassing Congress

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Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley questioned the legality of President Biden’s student loan handout, saying it would receive a “Chilean reception” before the Supreme Court on Wednesday.ingraham angle,

Jonathan Turley: Well, it’s a bit curious to have an argument other than the Heroes Act, because they’re citing a crisis that in May, they said it was reduced to the extent that it would Title 42. change position of On the southern border that he cited as the basis and core of that argument, the CDC’s approach to mitigating the crisis. It is highly doubtful to argue that the act gives the president the authority to set aside as much as $300 billion in student loans.

Biden declares student loan handout as national debt

Even though the administration may have had some success initially, it has received a rather cold reception before the Supreme Court, which is actually seeking clarity on these issues, and not the delegation of Congress to the executive branches. And the strange thing is that these are Democratic members Appreciating our own institutional obsolescence, They are all giving these praises to the President for bypassing Congress because they know they can’t get it through Congress.

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