Lalu Yadav fell from the ladder, fracture in the shoulder: Rabri was going to his room in the residence, when the balance was disturbed; back injury

Patna10 minutes agoWriters: Pranay Priyamvad

An accident happened in Patna on Sunday with RJD supremo Lalu Yadav. On his way to his new room in Rabri’s residence, he climbed two stairs simultaneously, due to which he fell unbalanced. This caused a hair fracture in his right shoulder bone. There was also a knee injury.

However, they are back at the Rabri residence after showing the doctors. He has been advised to take rest.

RJD office came to inaugurate the library on his birthday

Lalu had come to the RJD office on his birthday on June 11 and also sat on the stage. He cut 75 kg laddus and gave a speech. Inaugurated the library in the office itself. Recently, his picture had surfaced while welcoming Owaisi’s MLAs. Even at that time his health was not feeling very well. He seemed very weak in body.

Lalu Yadav meeting Owaisi MLAs at Rabri residence on June 29. (file photo)

Permission was given to go to Singapore on June 14

On June 14, Lalu was returned his passport by the CBI court. Because he had expressed his desire to get his kidney transplant done in Singapore. It is said that he is in touch with a Singapore doctor for the last one year. In November last year also there was talk that he can get his kidney transplant done in Singapore. Also, he had met BJP leader RK Singh, who got kidney transplant done from Singapore a few days ago and got complete information.

Let me tell you, due to the conviction in the fodder scam, his passport was deposited in the court. Because of this he could not go abroad.

Three months ago the doctor had advised kidney transplant

RJD supremo’s kidney has deteriorated. About three months ago, when he was shifted from RIMS in Ranchi to AIIMS, Delhi, doctors advised him to undergo a kidney transplant. Lalu Yadav was also asked to prepare a donor. Only 10% of his kidney was functioning.

According to the doctor, the creatinine level of the kidney which should remain below 1 had increased to more than 5 in Lalu Prasad’s. However, he has been brought under control after about 1 month of treatment at AIIMS.

Lalu is suffering from these diseases

Lalu is battling many diseases, the biggest problem being type-2 diabetes and blood pressure. According to both the senior doctors who treated him, Lalu Prasad is suffering from 15 ailments. His biggest concern is his uncontrolled diabetes, which is completely insulin dependent. He also has kidney problems.

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