Liger Movie Review: Wat Laga But Not In A Good Way

Story: a neither tea nor Wants to make it big in the game of MMA from Mumbai. But when he falls in love, a new turn takes place in his life.

review: Puri Jagannath Liger There was so much hype about it before its release, there could only be two ways. either it will become a big hit Or tank brilliantly. Considering how the film fails to offer anything novel, beyond Vijay Deverakonda’s newly buff body, it’s not hard to guess how it fared.

Ligar (Vijay Deverakonda) is raised by Balamani (Ramya Krishnan), a single mom who wants her son to become an MMA fighter, Jeet Kune especially like his father. She takes him to Mumbai to train under a renowned coach (Ronit Roy), in the hope that he will win the national championship. So this movie is a sports drama, isn’t it? No. Despite being told to stay focused, Liger falls for a social media influencer named Tanya (Ananya Pandey), who relentlessly stalks him after seeing him fight. the only issue? She is the sister of his nemesis Sanju (Vishu). So, this is a love story of a rich girl and a poor boy, isn’t it? No. Then there’s Mike Anderson (Mike Tyson), Liger’s childhood hero, who is brought into the fold in the strangest of ways. Then this is goofy commercial cinema, isn’t it? Yeah, unfortunately it’s not very good.

Puri has never been high on logic, but he makes his characters so… ‘stupid’, as Mike calls out to Liger in a scene, you can’t help but wonder why smart writing isn’t included. was. Despite being the sister of a martial artist, Tanya calls Liger ‘Chinese’, refers to the way she fights, calls her martial arts form ‘Kung Fu’ and is shocked to see her land kick. Can we believe that he has never seen his own brother fighting in the ring or even knows what martial art he practices? Balamani warns his son to ‘stay away’kind‘ (demons), classifying women as beautiful seductions who would ruin his life. The way these scenes are written leaves you stunned. While it’s nice that Puri shies away from going completely against female malice, as he usually tends to do, he can’t help but ruin a well-choreographed fight scene. In which women have been included with cross dialogues. Why is a professional MMA fighter surprised that women can demand in 2022?

Putting aside the lack of logic, Liger Fails to leave its mark because there is no novelty in the way it is written. The film follows the usual template of a sports drama, mixed with commercial cinema – which is fine, but it’s not done properly. Sunil Kashyap’s background score and Vishnu Sharma’s camerawork are stylish, but that too doesn’t keep you interested for long. vijay dances openly settlement contract And coke 2.0 But songs are misfits in this kind of story. Rest of the songs are miss, so are the fight scenes. Even Liger’s stutter is used as a convenient plot device.

The only good part about this film is coming up – Vijay Deverakonda. His dialogues, especially because he stammers, may be hit-and-miss, but the actor certainly brings honesty to his role. Liger, his character, is very one-tone. The way his coach and mother (the latter compared to the former) tend to give lengthy speeches, you have to wonder if the character will go through any development that never happens. in despite of neither tea nor From Mumbai, doors are easily opened for them when needed, so that their ‘struggle’ is not much. And despite all this, Vijay not only looks fit and handsome; He wants to make you root for the character. It’s sad that the material doesn’t let you do that.

Ramya Krishnan is cast as the supportive mother, but she screams a lot. Ananya Panday is looking cute but when it comes to acting, there is clearly a lot to be improved. The getup Srinu is hilarious in some scenes even though he is given silly dialogues. Ali, Ronit Roy, Vishu and the rest of the cast are fine. Mike Tyson’s much-hyped cameo is a let down but there’s a very meta ear-cutting scene written out there for fans. No one buys that ending though.

It is ironic that Liger has been asked to focus several times in the film, but the script itself lacks focus. Things keep happening without any rhyme or reason and Puri fails to deliver a satisfactory conclusion on any track. Vijay deserved better, so did we. As promised by the filmmakers, wat fix diyaOneBut not in a good way.