Live Updates: Police Respond to Shooting at 4th of July Parade in Illinois

Jeff Lyons, 57, told CNN on Monday that he heard what he believed were shots fired minutes at the start of a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Leon said the shot sounded like a “firecracker in a garbage can”, and it wasn’t until he saw police officers reacting, that he knew anything had happened.

“It almost sounded like a string of 20 firecrackers being carried inside your mental trash can, it was louder,” he said. “So, I didn’t react immediately, I thought people were fourth.”

“The police started responding and I saw some people falling,” Leon said. Then he said that he and all the people around him started running away leaving all their belongings.

“We had just taken off. And, you know, we, we hid behind cars, turned into the next car and made our way,” he said.

Leon says he never saw bullets, but estimates that he heard gunshots for less than a minute while running.

It was “probably five to seven minutes later” with no shots fired that people stopped running from the scene. “But then we had to find our kids.”

Leon went to the parade with the family to see his twins, who are going to be freshmen high school in Fall, March with the fall team. He was later reunited with his family, who were not injured.

Leon is a resident of Highwood, Illinois, about a mile from Highland Park, and has lived in the area since 2010.