Luggage of the student was not found by Indigo flight: Scindia brought it to the gate of the hostel; The girl had complained by tagging in Twitter

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  • Indigo flight did not deliver the goods, the student was upset, Union Minister Scindia carried the goods to the gate of the hostel

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Due to delay in Indigo flight and due to change of different airports, the luggage of the girl student has reached her hostel. Central Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has played a big role in delivering the goods to the hostel.

Actually, a student named Anushka was traveling in flight IndiGO6E. The student had to resort to 4 different airports within 24 hours due to the lateness of the flight. When she reached her destination, her luggage was not found and had to go home without luggage.

student expressed anger
On July 3, Anushka, a student who had trouble traveling in an Indigo flight, expressed her anger by tweeting. The student said that I have had a bad experience with Indigo. Because of them, I had to change many airports and got upset due to non-availability of luggage. When I complained about it, I was asked to come to the airport the next day.

Anushka further said that my college is outside the city and it costs 700 to 800 rupees to reach the airport. I will never travel on this flight again.

People said to return the goods
On seeing Anushka’s angry video has become viral in social media. Many criticized Indigo’s lateness and supported the girl student. Bureaucrats India editor Dr. Naveen Anand also asked IndiGo to return the girl’s belongings.

Scindia said, your luggage has reached the hostel
After the intervention of Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, the student’s luggage was taken to her hostel. Scindia tweeted and told the student that your luggage has been delivered to you near the gate of the hostel. take KARE.

After this many people started praising Scindia’s work. A user on Twitter said that Scindia is really a public servant. Another user said that it is called – Chat matchmaking, Pat marriage. There was a problem and you fixed it immediately.

Scindia helps people through Twitter
This is not the first time that Scindia has resolved the complaint made on social media, but before this, a disabled child was stopped from boarding the plane by Indigo Airlines. After this Scindia had said that such behavior will not be tolerated. After this the CEO of the airline apologized.

Apart from this, amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine and Russia, India had run Operation Ganga to airlift its citizens. During that time, while returning from Romania, Scindia picked up an injured student from the back seat of the flight and brought her to the front.

Scindia had made the injured student sit in business class from economy.

Scindia had made the injured student sit in business class from economy.

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