Luke Combs turned back a concert over the weekend because his voice was not up to par

shared video on social media Combs showed up while disrupting a concert in Bangor, Maine, over the weekend, when he saw a sign from some young fans saying he had piled up a pile of firewood to earn money to buy tickets to the show. A fan told that he is celebrating his 12th birthday.

The singer then took out his wallet and gave him $140 from the stage, signed caps for him and said that a member of his team would take him backstage to give him T-shirts and other memorabilia.

But that was not all.

B98.5. According toA country music station in Central Maine, Combs later returned all tickets for his Saturday show in Bangor because his voice was shot and he didn’t feel he was capable of giving a full performance.

Combs “announced that he was still going to perform, but because of the state of his voice, he didn’t think he could do a real show,” the radio station said.

According to a post on the station’s website, “Because of this, he was going to refund the money he paid for the tickets for the show.” Clearly upset by the situation, he explained that he understands that the cost of going to a concert far exceeds the cost of what you would pay for tickets. Hotel rooms, dinners, babysitters, gas and more, for many people There are few. Refunding the price of the ticket, in his mind, was the least he could do.”

Combs still performed a brief set.

The singer’s act of generosity earned him praise from fans.

“Two shows back to back is hard for anyone,” A woman wrote on twitter, “And no matter what, this man’s voice is smooth as butter and he gave every song I heard his all.”

CNN has reached out to a representative for Combs for comment.