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New Delhi: Is there a look out circular of the CBI against the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi? Manish Sisodia, Since Sunday morning there were two or two rounds about this matter.
The CBI on Friday raided 31 places, including Sisodia’s residence and premises of some bureaucrats and businessmen, in connection with the Delhi Excise Policy case.
The raids, which lasted for nearly 15 hours, came after Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinay Kumar Saxena last month recommended a probe by the agency into alleged violations of rules and procedural lapses in the implementation of the policy since November 17. year.
Here is what happened on Sunday with reference to the “CBI Look Out Circular” against Sisodia:
Sisodia tweets to say LOC despite roaming freely
On Sunday morning, Manish Sisodia had said on Twitter that the CBI has issued a look out circular against him. Though he is roaming freely and still the agency is unable to find him.
He further said that all the raids against him have failed, as “not a single wrong rupee” was found from his house in the CBI searches, he added.
“Modi ji, what is all this drama? Tell me where I want to come,” Sisodia wrote in a tweet in Hindi.

CBI’s denial
The CBI clarified hours later that it has not issued a look out circular against Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in the excise policy case.
CBI officials said, “as of now” no look out circular (LOC) has been issued against any of the accused in the case.
The probe agency said that the process of verification of documents is underway and notices are being issued to the suspects for questioning. Officials said that it has not felt the need to issue LoCs against public servants so far as they cannot leave the country without informing the government.
Is the work on LoC going on?
Denying the LoC against Sisodia, CBI officials insisted that “so far” no such notice has been issued.
Officials said, “as of now” no look out circular (LOC) has been issued against any of the accused in the case. However, this cannot rule out the possibility of LoC in future.
News agencies, quoting sources in the CBI, even said that the LoC may be issued soon as the process to do so is underway; It was a procedural case which follows due process before issuing against any person.
LOC explained
Look out circular (LOC) is a circular letter used by authorities to check whether a person traveling abroad is ‘wanted’ by the police or any agency. The circular can be used in immigration checks at international borders.
LoCs are often issued to ensure that a person absconding or wanted by law enforcement agencies does not leave the country.
It is mostly used at immigration checkpoints by the immigration branch at international airports and seaports.
Thus, any person in whose name the LoC has been issued is barred from traveling outside the country as he is ‘desired’ by the law enforcement agencies of the country.

Sisodia is among 15 persons and entities named in the FIR registered by the CBI in connection with alleged irregularities in the implementation of the Delhi government’s Excise Policy 2021-22.
Under the CBI probe are at least two payments worth crores of rupees by Indospirits owner Sameer Mahendru to “close associates” of Sisodia, who was one of the liquor traders actively involved in the alleged irregularities.