Monologue on Holocaust Survivor Simon Weisenthal to be Performed in Chennai

A monologue on war veteran and Holocaust survivor Simon Weisenthal and his 58-year-long quest for justice arrives in Chennai this weekend

weisenthalA monologue based on war veteran and Holocaust survivor Simon Weisenthal and his 58-year-long search for justice, arrives in Chennai this weekend

Simon Weisenthal is more than just a Holocaust survivor. He is the man who fought tirelessly for 58 years to bring the fugitives of the Nazi war to justice. In his lifetime, he legally fought 1,100 war criminals. His story cannot be summed up as a mere survival story; It is one of sheer patience and determination. By dedicating his entire life to the prevention of genocide, he emerged as a fascinating symbol of hope born of the horrors of war. American author and playwright Tom Dugan described what he saw in Weisenthal’s multi-award-winning monologue in 2014, titled weisenthal, who has toured the world. It will arrive in Chennai later this week, presented by actor TM Karthik, under the direction of Denver Anthony Nichols, the city’s theater practitioner.

The drama captures Weisenthal, a 90-year-old war veteran, on his final day in office. In his direct address to the audience, he recounts the journey of his life as a prisoner of war and Holocaust survivor.

Denver has always been a fan of World War I literature. “I didn’t know who Simon Weisenthal was until I read the play. I remember watching a movie based on him many years ago. His story is very real and I felt very connected to the text,” he says. Clarifying that the play is not an adaptation and will remain true to the original written by Dugan. After reading the text, both Denver and Karthik read more about Dugan. “We wanted to include more in this performance , but we decided against it because we didn’t want to touch the script. The way it is, it is perfect,” he says.

Speaking about what drew him to the text, Denver continues, “When we talk about World War II, the first name that comes to mind is that of Hitler. The play is all those others. talks about people who were under Hitler – who followed orders, like [Adolf] For example Eichmann. ,

The best thing about Weisenthal, says Denver, was that it wasn’t about vengeance for him. “He spent 58 years of his life tracking down Nazi fugitives and bringing them to court! For him, it was all about justice. Usually, when we watch documentaries, movies or shows on WWII, it’s always vengeance The flexibility that Weisenthal had to go by the book and find war criminals, even if it took three to four years, is what makes the story inspiring.” At the end of the day, he just a normal guy,” Denver says.

TM Karthik as Simon Weisenthal | photo credit: special arrangement

Since this is a biographical piece, Denver hopes to make the performance as authentic as possible: Karthik adopts an Austrian-Hungarian accent, and efforts are being made to make the actor resemble Weisenthal. “We are not trying to imitate him. We are trying to emulate that somehow. It has to do more to capture the essence of that person than to be there physically, says Denver.

weisenthal It will be staged on August 28 at 3 pm and 5 pm at Alliance Francaise, Nungambakkam, Madras.