Noise level rises in Mumbai after two years of peaceful celebrations. Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: After two COVID-19 Over the years recording low noise levels due to low-key concerts, the use of drums, conical loudspeakers and the banjo, the festival has raised the noise to deafening levels once again.
On the fifth day of immersion, the highest noise level recorded was 115.6 decibels, which is more than twice the normal level required to be maintained in residential areas in the interest of human as well as animal health.
The Voice Foundation, led by sumaira abdulalik, Noise levels measured at various locations across the city. Ideally, in a residential area, 55dB is ideal for noise levels between 6am-10pm and 45dB between 10pm-6am.
While the noise level of 115.6dB was recorded at the Babulnath corner of Marine Drive, 112.1dB was recorded at Bandra. The second highest noise was recorded when a metal cylinder was being thrashed with a metal hammer at 109.4dB on Linking Road and when the sound echoed through the metal blockades of the Metro construction at SV Road, Khira Nagar, the drum By playing
The highest noise level in 2019 was 111.5 and, as of this year, was mainly made by banjos. “Noise at such high levels not only adversely affects hearing but causes high blood pressure and heart disease, mental health disorders, anxiety and anger, it can also cause cancer. Because animals hear the frequencies of sound. The impact on humans that cannot, is significant and extends to pets, wildlife and birds. Animals can become frightened, lost. The heart rate has increased when exposed to it,” she explained. Noise also interferes with migratory and mating patterns of animals and contributes adversely to climate change
In the years after the High Court passed a detailed order in 2016, the noise level in Mumbai was going down year after year till 2019. After 2019, the noise level has again dropped significantly due to the COVID restrictions. Since noise is measured on a logarithmic rather than an arithmetic scale, the highest decibel level of 115.6 dB measured this year is significantly higher than the highest 111.5 measured in 2019. Even as Mumbai looks forward to the rest of the immersion days, people are complaining about high noise levels across the city this year.
He said, “Over the years, Ganesh Mandals themselves have contributed in reducing noise. There has been a lot of awareness among the people about noise and its ill-effects. Now we need to strictly enforce the law.”