Now you can get food delivered on trains via WhatsApp, here’s why – Times of India

on food quality Indian Rail Leaves a lot to be desired. However, passengers in trains will now be able to place food delivery orders online through WhatsApp and get it delivered to their seats. With no room for network issues and latency, passengers will be able to easily track their orders.
Jio Haptic Technologies Limited (haptic) ZootuAnd IRCTC (Food Delivery Service) has joined hands to offer users with WhatsApp chatbot facility to help rail passengers order food online in trains while on the go.

With this facility, users will no longer have to depend on railway pantries or other vendors while traveling in trains.
How to use the feature, how it works
Powered by Haptik’s Advanced conversational commerce The WhatsApp chatbot feature will expand the availability of ordering food while traveling by train. Users can join the WhatsApp chat on +91 7042062070 from Zoop.
This real-time service will bridge the gap between network issues that commuters often face while traveling and allow them to place orders and get food delivered to their seats through WhatsApp chatbots. Users will have to use their PNR number to order food from select restaurants at the planned train stations. Passengers can also leave a feedback note and contact the support team in case of any issues.
What methods of payment are accepted
This facility allows digital payments across all services like is isince netbanking etc. whatsapp payment Not yet enabled for businesses, the payment interface is outside the WhatsApp ecosystem. So, users can make digital payments through UPI and netbanking among other methods.