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Hyderabad: Telangana State Planning Board Vice Chairman B. Vinod Kumar Condemned Union Minister Smriti Irani’s remarks on Telangana Chief Minister on Sunday K Chandrasekhar Rao That he did not respect the PM by breaking the protocol. The former MP asked the Union Minister to get the facts checked before criticizing CM KCR.
“For your information, it was PM Modi Who started the tradition of breaking all constitutional protocols and insulting CM KCR by not inviting him on an official tour of Bharat Biotech facility on 28th November, 2020. In an unprecedented development that is undemocratic, the Prime Minister’s Office informed that the CM need not come to the airport to receive the PM at the airport. Received clear instructions from Chief Secretary of Telangana PMOVinod Kumar said.
The COVID 19 vaccine that saved the human race was developed by a firm based in Hyderabad and would not have happened without the support of the Telangana government. However, PM Modi, being the master salesman, does not want to accept the support of the state. His love for self-sacrifice is clearly evident from the fact that he steals the credit for all the great things that happen in this country. He should refrain from taking credit for every good that happens in the nation.
“You must know that our CM KCR is one of the few politicians in the country who have immense knowledge about the Constitution of India. Please don’t teach us about constitution, culture and communal harmony.
He said that he is surprised that you (Smriti Irani) are talking about culture and constitution by breaking all traditions. There are many examples of non-BJP state chief ministers being asked to refrain from receiving the PM at the airport.

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