Red Bull’s Max Verstappen says he appreciated the fight with Mick Schumacher at the British GP: it was fun

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has revealed he appreciated the fight he had with Mick Schumacher during Sunday’s British Grand Prix.

Verstappen, who started the race in second place, made a strong start and took the lead from Carlos Sainz. However, the defending world champion’s British GP took it for the worse with his car slowing down and it was suspected that he sustained a puncture. The problem was confirmed as a problem with Red Bull’s floor.

This forced Verstappen to slide down the order and towards the end of the race at Silverstone, he was involved in an all-powerful clash with Schumacher.

Speaking to the media, the Red Bull driver said he enjoyed the fight with the Haas driver and thought it was fun.

“My car was wobbling a little bit. But I knew that Mick was also really trying to get to seventh, and it was fun. Of course, I wasn’t enjoying where I was, but you’re going to fight that fight.” Can also appreciate what you are doing. Someone else.

“I think it was actually quite a good fight,” Verstappen said.

The defending world champion also revealed the conversation he had with Schumacher after the race. Verstappen said the Haas driver was fighting for points and that he was actually seventh.

“I told him, ‘I knew you were fighting for points’. He said, ‘Yeah, I know, but I really wanted a seventh’. I said, ‘I know you did, I see ! It was a good fight,” Verstappen said.

There were points in the fight where things came to a close between the two drivers and Verstappen said he knew Schumacher would back down to prevent both men from crashing.

“I was like, ‘Okay, he has to back off now, otherwise we’re both out. Luckily, he’s smart enough. [do that]Verstappen said.